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Following the Cybertruck wheel caps recall, an empty space is now visible on the Cybertruck rims. To enhance the appearance, our cap covers have been utilized to provide a more finish look. By using these caps, the hole is filled, resulting in an improved aesthetic for your Cybertruck.

Installation: Our wheels caps are easily installed in seconds, all you do is push in, there WILL NOT be a click, it just holds in place. It will NOT BUDGE after installing it. We have had these caps on our own Cybertruck for more than a month. Through harsh weather and car washes. It holds up great! Once you decide to have it removed, it is easily done by using a flat head screw driver to pry it out.

Color: We can change the decal not the wheel caps to any design you like. Please see images for ur designs. Leave us a message during checkout if you want the Graffiti Words, Cybertruck Logo, Tesla Logo, Foundation Series Logo, or the Beast Logo. Also we have many colors to choose from for the decal. Let us know what color and finish you want for the decal in the center of the caps.

Pieces: 4 PC

Tesla Cybertruck Center Rims/Wheels Caps



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